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Nothing but problems after canceling a payment

My account was PREVIOUSLY VERIFIED. NONE of the information has changed. The problem began after I cancelled a payment made by paypal that should have been through bill me later. The order was for an expensive generator for several hundred dollars and there was no way I ever wanted it to go through paypal. I even talked to paypal prior to making the purchase to advise it needed to be through bill me later. I should have been advised it was not possible to do it through bill me later and it would need to go through paypal. Instead I was told there was NO PROBLEM and it would go through bill me later.
So over that weekend paypal just took funds from my bank card account WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. When I saw what happened I made my bank not pay and the item was returned [even though it was returned from some point along the way and it never reached me personally]. That’s when I got the friendly paypal LIMITED ACCOUNT notice. I have tried various times to put the information for the same account in many times and the system refuses to accept it saying… add new card. there is NO new card. I have talked to paypay and got no help. I have emailed paypal and got no help. Only the same scripted stuff. I am not getting any new cards or new bank accounts.Asked them to fix it or close the account and give me back my 20 something dollars they are holding hostage.Their response was to send me another survey and say haven’t responded to their survey. This has been going on since May.

Posted: November 13, 2013 at 8:07 pm

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