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Product Misrepresentation

By Michelle

 I foolishly purchased a “hand made in the USA custom made show saddle” on ebay.  The seller claimed it was hand made in USA, hand engraved leather, hand engraved silver, high quality.  The shipping dates were a little confusing, and I paniced when she wanted an additional week for shipping, (I had already waited 12 days) so I contacted paypal.  They withdrew her money until she produced a tracking # with UPS.  At the time she provided me that info, I released the funds.  I thought the SHIPPING dispute was ended.  When the saddle arrived it fell out of the box with a “MEXICO” tag on it.  It is obviously a crudly made imported saddle.  Even the box tells me it is not hand made in the USA. 

The seller refused to refund my money, paypal sayse the claim has been closed and cannot be reopened even though she scammed me, and ebay won’t help me because I paid with paypal.  I am out over $900 and no one seems to care. Seeems pretty incredible that someone can obviously misrepresent a product so clearly, and I, as a buyer, am left with no recourse.  I will not be buying on ebay again and certainly will warn people who do to be VERY VERY careful.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:46 am

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