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No product and no refund. No more PayPal

I made a purchased like I have done for years, but this time the merchant didn’t send my product nor did they give me a refund. I first notified paypal, then the merchant on more that one occasion with no results. Paypal simple response was that the merchant would not respond to them. Really ? I already knew that. How sad. I lost my money, never got my stuff and will never use paypal again. I feel they were in on it together. How else can this be explained

Posted: September 9, 2014 at 6:54 pm

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One thought on “No product and no refund. No more PayPal
  1. Cindy on

    Same thing happened to me, I opened a dispute but didn’t know I had to further the dispute before 20 days and now the case has completely closed and the seller won’t respond to me and paypal tells me they can’t do anything about it. ridiculous.