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A Profit Eating Scam

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I have had it with PayPal. I have used them off and on for a few years selling things on eBay. I decided to sell some candles I had made, the total sale was $67.00. The buyer filed a claim stating they had not received them. Paypal insits that they e-mailed this information to be but they did not. It was not until I logged into my PayPal account to pay for an auton win that I found the complaint. I immediatly disputed the claim and gave them the tracking information, they reversed their decision and sided in my favor BUT they will not reverse the funds that theygave back to the buyer. it is “up to me to contact the buyer to get the money” WHAT?!?! If the buyer was willing to lie about non-receipt they are definetly NOT going to send the money back.

I also sold a cooking pot that again the buyer claimed they did not receive. I gave PayPal the tracking number. In the mean time the buyer decided to send it back to me marked refused. I don’t have a problem with this as I did get the merchandise back. I expected PayPal to reimburse the buyer the amount for the auction win NOT the shipping as the DC I gave them proved once again that I had shipped the package and that the buyer had received it.

STAY AWAY from PayPal, I have also closed my eBay business. Its not worth the hassle, especially when half your profits get eaten up by the biggest scam of them all: PAYPAL.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:16 pm

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