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Better protection with credit card then paypal

I ordered goods online from an advert on facebook & paid using paypal, the link on facebook took me to an uk website, but the goods were sent from china. When the goods arrived I suspected they were counterfeit. The goods were then sent off to the brand owner, manufacturer and distributor for proof that they were genuine or counterfeit. The reply was they are counterfeit goods which I have passed onto paypal but they are still unable to process my appeal and have sided with the criminal that’s selling counterfeit goods, shame on you paypal. Luckily my paypal account is paid from my credit card and the card company are now having to sort out this mess that paypal should have dealt with. From now on I will only pay with my credit cards for online purchases since there really is NO benefit to use paypal. All paypal does is expose you to a whole underworld of scammers and fraudulent transactions.

Posted: August 28, 2012 at 2:29 pm

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2 thoughts on “Better protection with credit card then paypal
  1. Louise H on

    3 times my credit card company has had to come to my rescue when I have been scammed buying with paypal because paypal did nothing for me. 2 times I never received the item but paypal ruled in favor of the seller who had some fake tracking number showing the item was delivered. The 3rd time i got the item but it was SNAD yet paypal ruled in favor of the seller. All three times paypal refused to even hear me out. But every time my credit card company came through for me. I no longer use paypal and I no longer have problems when shopping online either. It’s like the scammers only stick to ripping off paypal users and know that they can’t get away with it when it comes to real credit card processing providers.

  2. alinjaysmommy on

    I’m right there with you. I got scammed buying goods online and paypal sided with the crooks leaving me scratching my head. Like you my paypal account was tied to my credit card so I filed a charge back and wouldn’t you know I got my money back. I’m glad my credit card company fought for me when paypal wouldn’t