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Did not receive refund for shipping despite being promised that

I made a purchase from ebay the amount of 211.80$ I initially received the product from California they were 2 phones which were defective I tried to contact the seller and got no respond so I immediately contacted pay pal. After going through a long process of disputing my case to get my refund pay pal emailed me telling me I was eligible for a refund including shipping and handling initially the shipment same from California but I was told by paypal that the return shipping address was located in china. I went to ups and paid 107$ to ship both phones back then I sent the shipping information to paypal once they received confirmation of the delivery they refunded my money for the phones but did not refund me my 107$ for shipping and handling that the email said I would be refunded. Then I called back paypal to see what was going on they said that that covers the the original shipping paid for by the distributor. I explained to them that the email I received was not accurate and did not make any sense they then told me that a request was made for my shipping cost that was paid by myself to be refunded but each time they put it in it gets denied but I just keep trying because the email clearly states that I will be refunded for shipping and handling.

Posted: April 2, 2014 at 3:29 pm

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