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Received email from Paypal it was safe to ship, it was NOT

In May of 2013, I “sold” two smart phones through Ebay, using PayPal as the payment intermediary. The phones were suppose to be shipped to Nigeria. I received a official looking confirmation email from PayPal stating that the funds were paid by the buyer and that I had to ship the items and then enter the tracking information to receive payment. I then called Ebay and was told not to ship because the funds were not there. Two weeks later I received two different official looking emails from PayPal stating that the funds were there. On June 7th., 2013, I shipped the phones via the U.S.P.S. to the Nigerian address. Due to customs issues the package wasn’t delivered to the Nigerian Post office until June 24th., 2013. It is still there and I have still not gotten paid. I called both Ebay and PayPal, and was told to file a fraud complaint and then to call the Nigerian post office to try to get them to ship the phones back. Even though they have this supposed “Shipper guarantee”, they would not reimburse me the funds for the phones or the cell phones.

Posted: September 5, 2013 at 6:32 pm

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One thought on “Received email from Paypal it was safe to ship, it was NOT
  1. Michael Lee on

    Well in this case it really wasn’t paypal’s fault, it was YOUR fault. I have seen this before and I hate to say it but just be careful next time. People set up links to “paypal”sites but if you look at the webaddress correctly it’s not paypal at all