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I received a phone call from Paypal saying I owe them $150

I decided to sell my wife’s old laptop on eBay. Received payment through Paypal, everything went fine, got my money. After a while, I drop off of eBay, after getting a new job and without a single problem with any of my customers, and with all cases closed.

Four months later…

I receive a phone call from Paypal saying I owe them $150. I ask them why, and their excuse is that someone disputed a payment on their credit card three months after having purchased the laptop. They sent me an email and because I did not respond to it in ten days (and of course I had closed shop so why would I even see the email? I hadn’t checked that email in a month…), they declared me liable for the amount, deducted it out of my account without my permission, put a mark on my credit record after forwarding the debt to Bill Me Later, and essentially left me screwed over. To top it off, I couldn’t contact the customer back (she never responded to email), so I was also screwed out of the laptop I gave them, in good faith that they were the ones buying it.

Screw you, Paypal.

Posted: November 19, 2013 at 5:26 pm

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