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Recent Account Frozen

By Richard Head

I recently had an account with paypal and it was frozen (for no good reason, but then you knew that!. I waited the six months they ‘require’ and they would still not release the funds unless I, 1. Gave them my credit card details. What is all that about? I wanted MY money and to close the account. 2. They wanted a direct debit set up. Again go figure. 3. Proof of postage of articles sent out over 9 months previously. There were also no outstanding disputes. I sued them through the UK Courts and obtained a Jdgement against them. They then applied to have it set aside because they had not received the originating documentation sent by the Court. The case goes on.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 12:42 pm

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3 thoughts on “Recent Account Frozen
  1. Philip Marsay on

    How is your case going??, as my wife had £150 taken from her account, whilst we was on holiday, her account was frozen claiming she was a business and that was since the middle of april. it was may they took the money. and as it was limited she couldnt send/recieve/add money at all. she has been told that she added the money herself. which is The Biggest Lie ever, as she too wanted to close her account. The bank wont help, paypal are practically laughing at us down the phone asking for Vat Registration, business info etc. of which there is none! she doesnt even have a ebay account, me and her uncle sent her some money we had spare so she could buy a few things online (not ebay). They are now saying she is obviously offering a service, and asking for postage info which just isnt relevant? i am at the end of my tether and think only a Courtroom is appropriate for this situation now.

    Many Thanks


  2. Katlynn Hawn on

    Good luck to you buddy. I’ve tried to contact paypal with no luck about a misc fee that was charged. I feel like I get the run around everytime I reach out so I’m at the point of “why bother”. I hope your case goes well and they learn their lesson. Something big needs to happen to them.

  3. G I Joe Bender on

    I totally agree with you. Contacting PayPal is the hardest thing in the world. They take you to so many people. It is pure torture. My husband and I need to see what these charges on our account were. I kid you not anyone could help me or tell me what was going on. I would get $50.00 charges and some times 120.00 dollars charges. Last month we got almost 200.00 charges that we didn’t even recall selling anything with that much value. We have a florist company. The most our cost on a bouquet of flowers are 90.00 dollars. It was insane, and we decided to leave PayPal. We are now with a new merchant account called merchant Inc. You should leave PayPal as well. I really hope more people will do the same.