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Refund without item (car!) returned

I sold a grey market (European market only) BMW E36 M 6 speed manual transmission for $1700 and after 99 days paypal returned the funds to the buyer stating the items was not as described and without requiring the item to be returned. Paypal contacted me prior to returning the funds and stating the items was in dispute however, since it was over 30 days I did not have to participate in the dispute. I have filed a criminal complaint against the buyer and gave this information to paypal as well. Now that paypal has given away my funds and product it seems I will have to change my criminal complaint to theft charges but what a pain. How can paypal essentially get away with a stealing peoples money, I’m so confused with this whole mess.

Posted: September 30, 2013 at 6:11 pm

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2 thoughts on “Refund without item (car!) returned
  1. Glen on

    Mate I don’t know how they get away with a lot of things. You and I do what they do and we would end up in jail. It’s ridiculous

  2. Coco on

    My bus. is on hold. Due yo funds given back to buyer, palsely claims, Purse is not as described, scuffs on bottom. The purse is in great condition. After 18 days all of a sudden buyer files a claim. I’m negative 1,800.00 dollars and can’t access money. Coco