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Refund refusal for wrong & returned item

This is a negative rating if that were possible. They are horrible. I have filed a complaint with them, my bank and the BBB. That is just the beginning. It’s is my intention to post THIER dishonesty & unreliable business associates every site I find on line.
On 6/11/14, I made a payment to PayPal $658.96 for a phone & accessories ordered from oppo-mart in china. We paid for expedited shipping 5-7 days. Phone didn’t arrive until 6/27. Received wrong phone worth half of the 1 we paid for & no accessories were included in shipment. Filed complaint w/ Paypal 6/27. Advised to return item & provide tracking # to get refund. Provided tracking via USPS. Paypal now refuses to issue refund. They state delivery must be confirmed by tracking prior to refund & closed my claim. We have no way to provide proof from china post of delivery & seller gave run around from start. Per PayPal guarantee they cover incorrect/not received items we are due a refund. They seller is a fraud and PayPal is a SCAM!!!!

Posted: August 4, 2014 at 8:43 pm

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