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Refunds withheld by PayPal

It is almost impossible to make a formal complaint to Paypal, they make it confusing and time consuming. Paypal take money immediately from my account but have a long term habit of witholding refunds for many days. As already stated complaints are a waste of time. Surely there must be a better way of dealing with this inept organisation, some years ago they took over £400 from my account with no explanation and despite calls and emails they did nothing, it was only when Which magazine took up my case that Paypal backed down and refunded me with no apology.
Paypal must be taken to task for the treatment they give UK customers and customers around the world.

Posted: July 9, 2014 at 4:47 pm

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One thought on “Refunds withheld by PayPal
  1. Daniel Sichombo on

    I paid for an Item using my VISA DEBIT CARD and the buyer refused to deliver the item to the shipping address. Paypal held the funds, 250.00 GBP. I lodged a Dispute at the Paypal Resolution Center. After numerous interaction with Paypal and the Buyer I was advised by Paypal to close the dispute so that my money could be released. I did as advised and then they told me the money had been released to the Seller. I contacted the Seller who claimed he had not received the money. I then went back to Paypal asking for independent evidence and supporting documentation of the transfer to the Seller by Paypal. They have constanstly given me stories. All I want is my money back and to thereafter deregister from Paypal. As I write Paypal is still holding on to my money with no indication of returning it. I want to sue Paypal to recover my money. Any advise on how to proceed will be helpful.