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Our only regret is to ever have worked with Paypal

We sell furniture direct to consumers. We have supplied all our Ebay/Paypal customers with what they ordered and they are all delighted so no problems there. Only positive feedback.

Paypal randomly asked us to supply lots of documents and limited the account until we did. It took us several weeks to do it because we had to get proof of deliveries from our courier. But these have all been uploaded into the resolution centre.

Paypal looked at these and then decided to close the account! I spoke with them and all they can tell us is “there is a security risk” and we will never be allowed to use this account again, and never open a new account.

And it has taken 3 months for them to pay out GBP 2500 sitting in our now closed Paypal account, and they still are holding GBP 3500 which they say may take up to another 6 months to pay.

Meanwhile our business is unable to trade on Ebay or with Paypal which has cut our sales by around 35%.

Paypal say “we are a private company and we are able to choose who we would like to work with”.

Great. We are a private company too and our only regret is to ever have worked with Paypal to begin with.

Posted: July 9, 2013 at 7:59 pm

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