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Retaliating Against PayPal

By D Barton

Today 4/19 my auction on eBay was cancelled out of relatiation.  I had over 200 auctions going and was constatnly gettting harassed by other eBayers because I will nto accept Paypal payments because Paypal defauded my out of over $500.00.  I heard about the class action lawsuit too late, but I later went ahead and joined the class action lawsuit.  I posted in my auction that I do not accept Paypal because they owed me over $500.00 and listed the class action lawsuit online address so my buyers would know why I was not using Paypal.  I awake today and my auction was cancelled. 

Strange though, in the auctions I listed 48 hours ago, I was able to go in and take out that one single sencentence two days ago, but eBay’s system refused to let my into the item description of that particular action and remove that sentence.  I still have 2 days left on the auction and their site refused to let me into the item description.  This is exactly what happened with Paypal, their site failed and their link failed to work to change my payment option and they took money out of the wrong account.  eBay allows sellers who have 20-250 negative feedbacks per month to continue to sell, even though eBay knows those sellers are commiting a fraudulant act, they all know those items are defective.  I feel ebay has taken away my freedom of speech of telling the truth as to why I do not accept Paypal.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:37 am

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