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Returned faulty items but never got refund

I have purchased 2 10.1 inch superpad 7 tablets on Ebay on 1st of October 2012 for Christmas presents for my 2 children. The 1st tablet stopped working on the 25th January 1 month from when it was used we were told to send it back for it to be looked at, it was posted back on the 6th Feb2013 one week later the 2nd tablet broke down same again phoned them up they told us to post it back, posted it back on 13 Feb 2013 was told by them that if they couldnt fix or replace them then we would get a refund. Phoned them on 20th Feb told us they had 1 tablet phoned again on 27th Feb said 2 tablets are here they took our ref numbers and postcode and that matched the ones on the tablets so we were told by Michael that they couldnt fix them and they could not replace so he told us he would give us our money back and pay it into PAYPAL all he needed was the transaction then give us a ring. No phone call phoned them again on 22 Feb afternoon time they told us the 2 tablets are sitting here and to phone Michael in the morning. Phoned Michael Sat 23rd spent 40minutes on a call Michael said I have found the transaction but the tablets are not here, so after being told from the 27th of Feb they had the 2 tablets sitting and now they are not there and the day before the 2 were sitting as they asked for my ref number and my postcode . We have spent £2O on postage and £20 on phone calls and don’t know what to do next. Help please.

Posted: April 10, 2013 at 6:22 pm

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