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I returned item but never received refund

Purchased 7″ Phablet from seller in China received on 28th August faulty returned 29th August alerted Seller Returned to Address on box filed a dispute (Paypal) when package alleged to have not arrived.
Sent copy of my Australia Post receipt a CN22 senders/lodger Id Number\ to the seller and Paypal,paypal have said the receipt is not valid a paypal operater said the reciept is not the full receipt I need a letter head with the returne address on,I never got such a recept from Australia Post.this was under $500.00, $100.00 in fact purchase price $115.00 i didn’t think it would not arrive.Paypal said this is not a valid reciept.They closed the dispute and seller will not respond to my emails Paypal directed me to remain in contact with the seller!Australia Post can not trace this package till 3months after Postage, 29th november paypal got its fee, seller got its money I got the realization do not deal with China. The Seller did send me a Australian return address 6 weeks after I returned the Crapletoops Phablet

Posted: October 28, 2013 at 7:04 pm

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One thought on “I returned item but never received refund
  1. Sue on

    I NEVER buy more than small dollar items from China sellers – they’re notorious for ripping people off