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Reviewing Alternatives

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous


I was looking at some of the alternatives to paypal.  I reviewd some of the services and have a few comments.

First off is ProPay.  At first the service seemed nice, that is, until I read the terms regarding chargebacks.  First off, you are immediately charged $15.00 for chargebacks (this is before you are given an opportunity to present your case and evidence).  Secondly with propay is that even if you present your evidence and the chargeback is reversed, the $15.00 is NOT refunded.  In other words,  as I see it, merchants have NO protection from people whom would want to try and fraud the merchant.

Either way, whether the merchant is right or not,  it seems propay still makes money.

Next is billpoint.  I went to, only to be redirected to  Kinda an oxymoron link.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:19 am

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