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Robbed and disrespected by Paypal

I am a member since 2002 and I have never had any complaint neither buying or selling and Ebay and PayPal made a lot of money over me those years.I have listed a shirt for sale,I sold 3 same shirts all in used condition with the exact description and even check the No Returns Accepted before listing.The buyer who lives in New York by the name Bruce made two bids over a lot of bidders and he did not even take the time to read the description and my selling terms and condition.When he received the shirt he was not happy,he started making up lies in every message on Ebay,first he told me it stinks of smoke then it is damaged then the description was not true.First of all I am a polite guy but I know when to talk back when its time,I told him in a few messages that he should learn to read English or read the description before bidding but what I think is that he could not resell it of he found a better deal,this was a $360 shirt with a retail value of $2000 when it was new and normally I told him that no one smokes in my closet and that it is not damaged as I sold 3 same shirts and all wore happy except this prick who then contacted PayPal to make a complaint.Now what irritates me is that he is a new buyer with 50 feedback and I am a seller with 600 feedback and still PayPal blocked my money which made my business stop for a month and paid him the $360 and I could not continue trading on Ebay as my funds wore blocked.I called Ebay which is normal since the trade was on Ebay not PayPal,Ebay told me that I need to call PayPal and talk to them and I said for what for ,I sold it on Ebay not PayPal?So after that I called PayPal to ask on what bases did they give the right to the buyer and told them did they even read my description and therms and conditions on the item page?I talked to lady named Jenny for 30 minutes,I am sorry that I did not record the conversation as during that time neither once did she provide me with an answer she just said that they still see a value in the item and that it can be sold again,I said tell that to the buyer so that he can sell it if he is not happy with it!I also told them to look at the listing messages between me and him,description and high resolution pictures so that they can see as any 10 year old kid would see that he was making up lies in every message but no,they said they cant look at the messages in Ebay and I then said so on what bases to you judge who is right and who is wrong?PayPal did not wait for me to get the shirt to pay back the buyer,they just looked up and have seen that tracking number and gave him the money,I said who is going to protect me as a seller now?What if I do not get the shirt that was sold or if it was damaged on purpose by him?I seen that there was no justice and told the prick to send it from where it was sent because I am in Europe and that there is nobody in Canada at my home and he sent it anyway to Canada which led to getting the shirt back as no one was there to sing for it but I clearly told him that he has the address from Europe and I wrote it again in the message.I then contacted PayPal again and as normally there was another person working who did not have any clue and is not meant to work there put me on the line with a supervisor by the name Denis which did not want to give me his last name but gave me an id number Denis 37497.This guy was so impolite that I think he was chatting or watching something during the conversation that he did not show any interest in helping or doing anything about the case.I told him what happens now as the buyer got and the money and the shirt,who is going to protect me as a 10 year seller on Ebay and PayPal from which the made over a few thousand dollars and is 100% positive seller?I also asked why do I put a description on Ebay at the first place when cons like Bruce can get win a case which was in every way exact from the description to the pictures and item?I also asked why is there a No Returns Accepted option on the listing page when no one respects that,why do I then even bother to do that?Denis told me he will send a message to Bruce to send the shirt which I have no got at all.I think that Ebay would be a better trading place without PayPal and I hope they close the company as the are there just to steal money,they do not protect anything and I think it was Ebay’ s job to read and look and make the final decision not PayPal who dose not even have the access to your Ebay account!People should start to sue them,I am serious, instead of writing these kind of messages more people should have them sued in court as this is a company that has a license to steal your money and is not doing what it is registered for doing!I can see that I will not be getting nothing back,the shirt was $360 not $36 but the most that I am furious is that my funds wore blocked for more then a month,I can wait to file a lawsuit against PayPal for doing such a terrific job and Bruce from New York if I do not get my shirt back.People just be careful as there are many cons and mind and mentally ill people and its not about the item if it is not to expensive it is about that which you will have an unnecessary problem,your business will stop and a company like PayPal will block do not think twice or have experienced people who can see the real side of the story even with all possible evidence!Both will get whats coming to them in a short time…

Posted: March 20, 2013 at 4:19 pm

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One thought on “Robbed and disrespected by Paypal
  1. Mel on

    I transferred money from paypal to my account and its takes so long despite the fact they sent confirmation email that my money should be in my account on a specific date. Unfortunately, until now I don’t have it and holidays are coming..I feel they robbed me from my hard earned money!