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I am being robbed by pay pal

About 17 years ago while I was going through a really rough time financially, I saw an ad for pay pal. I was in the middle of Divorce negotiations with my ex.. She was trying to rob me. Anyhow, I had no money at the time and I couldn’t get a credit card because of my divorce (and because my sweet ex ruined my credit on purpose) And I was told of pay pal. I used their credit card once or twice; paid my bill promptly then I saw that their rates were exorbitant, on the verge of usurious terms, so I paid everything and attempted to separate from them. But after that, every few years, I am still contacted by them. This last time, they took almost 200 dollars from my checking account and that took my going to the back and having them request a refund. The money was refunded. But I’ve recently begun to hear from them. Those jerks even had the nerve to send me an email telling me that my credit card was about to expire and that I need to request a new one. How can I possibly separate myself from them for good? I just don’t want to ever hear from them again. Any advice?

Posted: July 17, 2013 at 7:22 pm

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