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Just one of many who has been robbed by PayPal

I’ve had them take my money unfairly. Two cases: I wait for an echeck to clear. I am notified by Paypal it has cleared and that’s it’s safe to ship. I ship. The echeck bounces. I complain. Net result: I am punished for their errant info. Let them eat the loss, but hey, a little guy like me can afford it, not them. Yeah, right.
Another case. I ship without delivery confirm but their own rules state that if the buyer on eBay leaves feedback they can rule in my favor. I direct them to the feedback that lauds the product received. No matter. They remove the funds from my account. As for eBay, well, hey if you’re a mind reader and can decifer their unstated rules and you don’t mind hypocrites who tell you to jump through this hoop and then they pull it away as you jump, then you just may be a big enough masochist to enjoy your selling experience with them.

Posted: December 23, 2013 at 7:32 pm

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