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Robbed Twice By PayPal

By Margaret

Robbed twice by paypal and two others…

I have been a seller with ebay for the last two years and appart from a couple of glitches with the post I have a great feed back record.A few weeks ago I received a email from paypal that they would be witholding an amount of money from our account and freezing it to pay a buyer for none delivery of goods, this totally amazed me because the alloted time for delivery was not up for another five weeks. The buyer had put in her claim after only three weeks after the sale and it plainly states on our advert and the invoice that delivery can take up to eight weeks by sea mail which she had opted for. It would have been easier to get in touch with Bin ladin than it was with paypal everything seemed geared to sending me round in circles.

I was told that I would have ten days to submit proof of postage etc, which I sent and they received.Did they bother to look at the postage details they could not have because they paid the buyer out even though the parcel was plainly still in transit to the USA from Britain, we were shell shocked the buyer would have got their money back before the goods had even arrived, she must have been one happy bunney, as for me , loads of grief, lost my money, lost my goods. this is what paypal calls buyers protection, something Al Capone would have been proud of. It gets worse last week exactly the same thing happened again I received an email from paypal stating a claim of none delivery from a buyer, again the parcel was still in transit by sea but this claim was only after four weeks when it clearly stated on our advert and invoice that delivery by sea could take up to eight weeks.

I managed to send a proof of postage and a copy of a very abusive email that the buyer had sent me to paypal Uk in Ireland , but after only three days paypal paid the buyer for none delivery they could not even have seen the letter with proof of postage we had sent, if they had they could not have taken any notice of the facts about overseas delivery times from the UK.Once again a very happy buyer he has got his money back before his goods have had time to arrive. I am down $280.00 plus goods paypal even charged me $7.00 for their cock up. Sellers beware Of Paypal & others.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:26 am

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