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After 4 Months and 30 E-mails, I Got Lucky

By Hunter

I sold a Rolex on EBAY and accepted PayPal.  The buyer paid with a Credit Card,received the watch and gave me great feedback.  Weeks later he decided the watch wasn’t what he was looking for.  His credit card company issued a chargeback on my PayPal account which put me $1225 NEGATIVE.  I was told by paypal that the watch was returned to them by the buyer.  I would receive the watch back once my account was in the green. 

I then transferred $1225 back into my account.  I spent the four months and thirty or so emails were sent to PAYPAL.  They continually gave me the runaround.  I then contacted the FTC and Attorney General’s office.  To my amazement I then sent another email to PayPal and got extremely lucky and found someone who discovered that they LOST my merchandise.  They finally credited my account.  I feel extremely fortunate!  The girl who finally took care of me there is named Beth.  She works in EXECUTIVE ESCALATIONS at PayPal.  Her direct # is 402-935-2268.  I have since closed my account and will never accept PayPal again.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:52 am

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