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Got royally screwed by PayPal and so can you

Just got royally screwed by PayPal. We sent a very expensive automotive performance unit thru UPS and got payment via PayPal.
This is $4600 I’m talking about, the customer filed a complaint not as described which is a lie but PayPal doesn’t care, told them yes send it back we will refund without talking to me. So the scumbag customer sends it back provides tracking (that’s all that matters to PayPal is the tracking) once there’s proof it was delivered that’s it the refund is given.
Well we just knew this guy was a dirtbag cause he was lying so as soon as we saw the ups driver we started video the box was mangled and not like we sent it out we open the box and none of our parts are in there the box is full of rusty old parts from a junkyard and even a motorcycle part thrown in just to make the weight like it was when he got it.
This is the ultimate scam of Scams we get PayPal claim supervisor on the phone explain in detail told them we have photos and videos and police report. They don’t care they don’t take photos or videos ( they can be altered) so here we are a small business out of $4600 which can take us totally under.
This dirtbag thief got a refund and PayPal and there stupid robots that work for them do not care they read off their stupid cue cards and that’s it. So pretty much people you’ve heard it here the criminals and thieves and scam artist have PayPal to use as a means to STEAL LEGALLY.

The box could have been filled with cement and its your word as the seller against the buyer. They had no intentions of listening to us investigating or anything I sent them pictures anyways and police report PAYPAL DOES NOT PROTECT THE SELLER THEY ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE. Oh and forget about any terms like as is or no refunds that’s a joke PayPal doesn’t adhere to any of those I was told. I have shut down my ebay store and my Website because I’ll be damned if I ever use PayPal again so until I set up my New payment processor PAYPAL WONT GET MY BUSINESS EVER AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THIS. What a joke seller protection confirmed buyer.
They have the buyers information address Phone number They don’t care, the cops don’t care it’s in another state.
So BEWARE ANYTHING YOU SELL AND ACCEPT PAYMENT THRU PAYPAL THE BUYER CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS SAY WHAT HE WANTS AND HE WILL WIN. I HOPE THIS CAN BE A LESSON TO SOMEONE AND NOT GET SCREWED LIKE I DID! And believe me I filed appeal after Appeal doesn’t matter says under review and then bam you get your email that the buyer wins.PAYPAL IS A JOKE!! and can destroy someone’s business in a minute.

Posted: March 6, 2015 at 5:11 pm

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