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Rude Customer Service at Paypal

Paylpal customer service SUCKS!  I made a transaction and it showed up on my  bank statement as well as an additional paypal charge of $42.81.  The transaction didn’t show up on my paypal account or with the company I made the purchase with. However, it was showing on my bank statement. So I contacted Paypal to resolve the issue and mistake Paypal had made. I was hung up on 4 times and was treated like I was crazy because they didn’t see the transaction on their end but it sure did come out of my account and next to it, it said visa-paypal-storename.  I told the woman they had a glitch in the system, and she said No, there is nothing wrong with our system, like I said, call your credit card company and dispute it, have a nice day…  And hung up.. This b*TCH was RUDE! I realize there is no point to contact them again because they are not going to help me and their e-mail support is no support at all just prewritten automatic replies that have nothing to do with my problem.

Posted: May 10, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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4 thoughts on “Rude Customer Service at Paypal
  1. Amy on

    Contacting paypal and getting help is like winning the lottery. It happens to very few people. Their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with and I have wasted so much time on hold and being transferred around having to tell my story over and over again and then they just hang up on you. And there is nothing you can do about it. That is the worst part. You are at Paypals mercy.

  2. Cheyenne on

    Paypal doesn’t know what good customer service means. Whenever I called them for whatever problem I was haivng at the time they were RUDE assholes and we of no help to me. Looks like your another victim of the horrible customer serivce

  3. Dave on

    Wait, whats your complaint. A charge showed up on your BANK statement, and you were pissed because PayPal couldn’t access your bank account to verify this?

    • Huh on

      Really Dave??? Paypal charged his account and can’t find a record of it and that’s not an issue of paypals???
      Do you have a problem comprehending things?

      Anyway I just hopped off the phone to what I’d consider a rude, arrogant, american woman that should not be in a customer facing role. Talked over the top of me multiple times, didn’t listen to what I was saying and had no answers.
      I’d rather talk to the Filipino call centre. English may not be their native tongue, but neither is ‘Bitch’….