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Is this a scam?


I haven’t set up a paypal account but I am a seller and have advertised house furniture etc. for sale on Gum Tree. I received about 6 text messages from people who are interested in buying the lot for about $2,500. Naturally I was delighted until I contacted them by e-mail. They all had the same story i.e. that they lived over seas and were returning back in the coming days or that the worked offshore. What set alarm bells off was that they all have insisted that I set up a paypal account because it was the quickest way for them to pay for the goods and that they don’t have internet bank or any other way of paying for the goods. I am obviously dubious about this and apart from the fact that they are all willing to deposit money without physically seeing the goods. Just want somebody to ease my paranoia.

Thank you

Posted: July 6, 2012 at 2:05 pm

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4 thoughts on “Is this a scam?
  1. Jessica on

    yes this is a scam…one of the oldest paypal scams out there. I am sure they said in the e-mail that they don’t have access to a telephone to call you. Somehow they do have internet access lol but no phone. Anytime you are selling something that you are not shipping just take cash for it and if it is for something big like a car, furniture etc why would someone buy that from around the world? What they do is “fake” pay you and then ask you to wire them money for their courier service and they will pay you back via paypal. Which obviously they do not. Just ignore any e-mail if they request you to open a paypal account.

  2. Cassandra on

    This is one of the oldest scams out there. DO NOT so it. They will ask you to wire them money for this or that and then bam your screwed. I had a friend (she isnt the brightest crayon in the box) fall for this scam and she lost $100′s of dollars. If you are selling big thing like this it is best to take cash or if this is a business you have i suggest opening a merchant account through any company besides paypal

  3. Willy Gonzalez on

    This most certainly sounds like a scam. I once logged into my gmail account to find a paypal email. It was asking me for all kinds of private information. Thankfully, the night before I watched a 20/20 special about online fraud and I became suspicious. I contacted paypal and sure enough it wasn’t a valid email. Trust your guts, if it makes you feel funny then don’t respond, just delete :)

  4. Barbie Maddox on

    That sounds like a con, you should try and report it. It would make your head spin if you knew how many scams are out there. There was a point in time when I kept getting this email from paypal asking for my debit card number, pin, and driver’s license. This was in the name of “updating their database” for preferred sellers. I sniffed out this scam right away because I haven’t sold on paypal for over a year. I refuse to use their services. I have an inkling that paypal is leaking old users information out to con-artists. I think it may be disgruntled employees or someone like that. I emailed the corporate office and they thanked me but I don’t think they looked too much into it.