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I got scammed twice by Chinese vendors

While I have eBay account for 10 years and 100% positive feedback, I managed to get scammed twice by Chinese vendors with PayPal help. I’m not a power vendor, just an honest individual. First time I made a purchase on eBay; paid with paypal; received product; shipped it back with signature requared as “money back guaranteed” was promised; never heard back again. Just last month I purchase three pairs of shoes from a vendor and didn’t realize that vendor was Chinese (had British flag on its website). Instead of shoes I received a shower cap (not kidding; the one you get in hotels for free). Paypal responded that the vendor provided a proof of shipment, so transaction could not be reversed. They didn’t care about the fact that all I had received was a shower cap. What a scam and PayPal is so ignorant to all the fraud committed by people using their service.

Posted: June 5, 2012 at 2:49 pm

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2 thoughts on “I got scammed twice by Chinese vendors
  1. Maggie on

    I avoid buying anything that is sold from china. Half of the stuff is counterfit stuff that won’t work and that is of you are lucky and get your item. There is just to much fraud with international trading on ebay and paypal does nothing to stop it. And like you said a lot of the Chinese vendors knows people won’t buy from them so they lead you to believe they are located elsewhere. Isn’t that in itself fraud?

  2. BOA on

    Paypal fraud from other countries is just the worst! I refuse to deal with China or India any more. I was taken for a fool too many times, now I just stick with domestic orders.