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I got scammed out of an item I sold on ebay.

I got scammed out of an item I sold on ebay. I shipped it with insurance to buyer. He bought the item on ebay with “buy it now”. This was strange because I had listed the item for more than a year and there were no bidders. Buy it now costed 60 euro more than just waiting for the auction to end and buy it then. Buyer didn’t have any feedback score and was a first time ebayer. First he wanted me to send it to a different address (in my country) than his paypal address (abroad). I told him I refused to do this, although it would be much cheaper for me. This was his first trick. So I send it to his paypal address. I shipped it with extra insurance and he had to sign for delivery. He now claims the item is damages and wants his money back and has opened a claim against me in Paypal. I packed the item very safe, in a double box filled with bubble plastic papers etc for protection and wrote Fragile all over the box, also stating Top and Bottom. I can’t imagine anything went wrong during transport as I paid extra for that and he had to sign upon delivery, so the box looked all ok to him. Although I provided all the info to paypal (shipping docs, online track and trace number and even his signature for receiving the item) it seems like the give him his money back and he can keep the item

Posted: April 5, 2013 at 7:06 pm

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