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Got Scammed Out Of A Laptop Using PayPal

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I sold my laptop on ebay and the buyer contacted me saying that he is going to pay using Paypal. The total amount was $825. The buyer told me to send the laptop he purchased to his friend in the Philippines. When I received the payment that night, I went the next morning to send the laptop. I then emailed the buyer and gave him the tracking number. The following day, I logged into my paypal account and was shocked to find out that the buyer REVERSED his transaction. I called Paypal and asked them what is going on. They customer service guy there told me that he paid me through a stolen credit card or he used somebody else’s paypal account to pay me. So Paypal can’t do anything for me. My question is, are we the ones who are suppose to know if the credit card or the account was stolen? so much for security. Instead of going after the buyer, Paypal just saves time and reverses transactios leaving you dumbfounded. So bascially, paypal said that there was nothing they can do. Now my account is $825 negative. I am so so so mad. I am sure i am not the only one.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:33 am

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2 thoughts on “Got Scammed Out Of A Laptop Using PayPal
  1. mr-ht on

    I got scammed on EBAY by a guy with ID hohi2011. I was selling perth mint gold bars and he bought 2 of them for $3500. He paid through paypal but it was unverified. He told me to ship it to Japan and paid extra shipping for that. I shipped it with tracking and signature required. To my horror the guy put a charge back and got away with $3500. Paypal explanation was it was a hacked account and used by a scammer. They have to refund the owner which is not true. Now they are coming after me for the $3500. Can I sue paypal? Any help is appreciated.

  2. Samantha Reynolds on

    This happened to us too, But the cheeky b**turd even had the audacity to come and collect the item from our home and gave us a sob story about it being a present for his son so needed it urgently. Not ten minutes after leaving our home was the payment reversed Paypal and eBay are a joke!!!