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Scammed By PayPal

By Matt

Hi ppl I got ripped off by paypal i had about £1500 in my paypal when i used to trade on ebay i decided to have a spend and i bought a new body kit wheels and exhaust for my car the sum off £1100 paypal emailed me and said that unauthorise activitys was happing in my account so they surspended my account straight away and also put a hold on the money i sent for my items which ended up 2 sellers from the body kit and exhaust tock me to court and i had to pay the sum again. when i got my account back up and going paypal still said that the £1100 was unauthorised even tho i explained that i spent it 18 months on and i still have not got my money back Paypal is a big scam stay away Nochex is much better and british.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:20 pm

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