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A month or so ago, I sold a watch on ebay to ‘pfranks____”. Once I was notified I received payment on paypal, I sent him a message via ebay saying thanks for doing business..yadda yadda. He messages back saying no problem, great doing business with you too. I mail the watch and contact him again on ebay saying I sent the watch and he should expect it shortly. Being as I never sold on ebay before this…I didn’t expect this bullshit. The post office line was long, and so I used the package kiosk. Sent it first class mail, wrote the address down that I was given in my paypal email and on paypal itself. A few days later a dispute is sent to me. Be aware, this is after the time frame I was given as to when the watch would arrive to the buyer. Once I saw this dispute, I got pissed…obviously. Hunted down what I thought was the buyer on facebook via his paypal email. I messaged him asking what the fuck was up with the paypal bullshit and he responds saying he has no idea what I’m talking about. Smelling his bullshit a mile away, I say that yes, you do know what I’m talking about. I sent him all the info I was given about him (Name, address..etc) and also forwarded him the paypal email regarding his purchase. He says that yes, that’s his name and his address, but he did not nor has he ever bought a watch with ebay/paypal. I think he is lying but he assures me that he will be contacting ebay and paypal regarding the case since he now believes his info has been compromised. I told his to paypal and gave as much evidence in my case as I could but I lost because I didn’t have my fucking receipt kept from when I sent the package. Foolish to throw away, I know..but once again, I had never sold on ebay before this time and had no idea this would happen. Now it says I have lost the claim for an ‘unauthorized transaction’ to this fucking scammer who I actually believe took this guys info. The name on Paypal is Shiony while the guys name on facebook and on the address I was given was Eric. Shady as fuck I know…but I was in need of money and did not think twice about it. What bother’s me is that his address is CONFIRMED on paypal, so why should I have worried? I want my fucking money back. All $200 that they currently have. Any ideas? I’m fuming!!!

Posted: February 12, 2013 at 6:01 pm

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