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Scammer is mocking me on the phone

I recently sold a phone and they payed through paypal but asked me to send it to another address, now they have tried to link my email address to a gumtree sale that i knew nothing about , they showed paypal there fake emails with my email address on and when paypal asked me for my evidence of them asking me to send it to another address, paypal favoured with the scam buyer saying that I / ME could of doctored the messages myself plus the scammer sent paypal a fake tracking number and they believed them even though i sent PAYPAL the correct tracking number and proved the evidence from royal mail that someone had signed for the delivery now im £140.00 down my paypal account is in errears and i have no phone back PAYPAL IS A COMPLETE JOKE , THE SCAMMER EVEN HAD THE NERVE TO FIND MY MOBILE NUMBER OUT OF MY OLD PHONE AND RING ME UP AND START MOCKING ME!!!!!!!!!

Posted: September 28, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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One thought on “Scammer is mocking me on the phone
  1. Ray on

    You gotta delete all info from your phone when you sell them, cant hold paypal responsible for that. And you never ever ship to a different address then the one that is verified. You live and you learn. PayPal sucks bad as it is do don’t help the scammers get away with it.