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Screaming At PayPal

By Elliot Koh

So, i have used PayPal for nearly 4 year, no problems… That is until now, where i find myself out of pocket and screaming at PayPal. It seems these people are so unprofessional and careless with peoples money !! Who do they think they are ?

I sold an item on eBay and sent it to the buyer (in Denmark). The big mistake i made was not sending it through a traceable method, however i DO have a proof of posting to prove the item was sent. I also checked with the buyer (and also stated clearly in the auction) that unless you cover the cost of sending this item via a traceable method you will have to accept liability for any loss in transit !

So, the item was sent and the seller claimed, only after a few days, that the item was never received ! So i stated that i had proof of posting and said that was your liability – you accepted that risk.

Well in the meantime the buyer contacted PayPal and filed a complaint

An email was sent to me asking for all the information i had on posting and i supplied all the information i had BUT the, and without my knowledge a FULL refund was given to the buyer ! – Did i miss something ?

I gave them proof of posting, i have 20+ verified transaction on PayPal and over 200 positive feedback on eBay which is 100% positive and the buyer has 1 positive feedback on eBay and no PayPal verified feedback ! How can they automatically do this without either further investigation or consideration and most of all without my authorisation !

DISGUSTING ! I am appealing, but with a company like this, i doubt they care!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 12:36 pm

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3 thoughts on “Screaming At PayPal
  1. Brittnay Quantinilla on

    You can contact pay pal all you want however they simply could care less about you proof of posting. What it all boils down to is pay pal is always looking for the buyers best interest and fuc%s us sellers over. I’ve had it with pay pal; they’re a bunch of theives!

  2. Cuthert, Alisson on

    Sounds a lot like what happened to me. I found time and time again when you contact paypal you have a 30% chance of getting a hold of someone who will actually pretend to care. I no longer ship over seas because I sold an item to someone in New Zeland and they filed a dispute 10 days AFTER they received the item. It was a custom made piece and I speciffically said no refunds yet paypal took the money away from me and I was out of all my time and work that went into producing the piece.

  3. Allison Butler on

    Appeal until your blue in the face, they don’t care and it wont get you anywhere fast. I had a fiasco when someone stole my credit card information and went on a rampage buying stuff through ebay using paypal. Hundreds of dollars were charged and my credit card company thankfully reversed all the fraud but I’ll be the merchants were the ones stuck to foot the bill. I tried to contact paypal and explain this was happening so they can have someone look into it and never heard back from anyone. They-don’t-care.