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I Say Screw PayPal

By Rick Ripleys

I sold a Xbox on ebay thru paypal and the user said she never got. I have a tracking number for the package. She was ripping me off and paypal -650 out of my account so before this hit me I went to the damn bank and closes my account totally & got a new one with all new numbers  still to this day paypal says I owe them they gave that damn bitch her cash back + my xbox. In the end I Beat Them …  everyone  just go to the bank and get new numbers and they can’t touch you…  if you lost money open a nother run up a bill head to the bank and close your account and reopen new ….. collect what they oew you be smarter thay cant touch you your in another state – the same way thay sy you cant get your money SCREW THEM ….

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:33 am

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One thought on “I Say Screw PayPal
  1. Dolly on

    I recently filed a case via Paypal resolution centre but am very disappointed with the outcome, which was not in my favour.

    I claimed that the item was not as described but Paypal believed that the difference was minor. It was for a purchase of a brand new sealed ipad and yet when I received it, there was a personal message engraved on the back of it. This does not affect the functionality of the ipad, but the engraving greatly depreciates the value of this ipad and I can no longer give this as a gift to someone nor would I be able to sell it for the same price. I spoke to a paypal operator about this via telephone and she told me that refunds were permitted if it the item was not the right colour so I find it very contradictory that a permanent engraving does not constitute as being significantly different to what was actually described, which was a brand new ipad.

    Under the return policy on Ebay, it says Refunds by law: In Australia, consumers have a legal right to obtain a refund from a business for goods purchased if the goods are faulty, not fit for purpose or don’t match description.

    In my opinion, this does not match the descriptions.

    Also, even though the seller said it was a gift, I do not believe this justifies as a clear warning of the engraving. Neither of us even knew it had an engraving on it until I opened and inspected it. Therefore I think it is unreasonable to say that I should have enquired about the engraving before purchasing product.

    I truly believe that the engraving was unjustified and affects the value of the item significantly. I had purchased the item for $490 when I could have bought a brand new unblemished one at a retail price of $495 in just about any store in Melbourne.

    Very very unhappy about this. Every person I’ve tried to contact via paypal has given me different information. The first lady I spoke to said I could file a new case, another lady told me I could reappeal and then finally I received and automated email response that their decision was final and a reappeal can not be made. I am very frustrated and unhappy about the way paypal has handled this and do not know what to do!