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I Screwed PayPal Over

I have been using PayPal for 10 years as a buyer and eBay for 11 years. I have never had a single issue and found it very easy to use to pay for most things on the web. I decided that since I was about to become a homeowner, it was time to sell off a few things I no longer needed. I sold a collection of items to someone outside of eBay in the amount of $4,400. I was very delighted to have found someone who was willing to take these items off of my hands. I was happy to be getting money to help with paint, flooring, tools, appliances, and other things of need upon moving into this home. Well, within 30 minutes of receiving that money, my account was limited. I went to the Resolution Center as suggested to find that they wanted a TON of information to verify my account. I was soooo desperate that I did it because hell, it was $4,400!! Beyond the fees for using their services, the remainder of the funds did not belong to them. After 3 unsatisfactory phone calls, one of them were the rep chuckled at me at the end… I was devastated. I was able to verify everything except the original receipts for the items I was selling. Yes… they wanted receipts or some form of proof of purchase on something I’ve had for more than 8 years. Every time I called, they had a different reason for why my account was limited. One reason was because I hadn’t sold anything on eBay since 2009 (I never sold anything period before July 1, 2012, so that was a lie). It was becoming very clear I was not going to get that money so I decided to work with the buyer.

I sent an e-mail to the buyer, advising him of my situation. He actually wanted to help me. He said he understood that PayPal can be difficult to deal with. He found that he could not reverse his payment and said there was nothing he could do. I was like… well, if you can’t reverse it… I’ll refund it. I log into the site and of course, the option to refund him is not available. So, I called PayPal and got into an intense conversation with the rep. I demanded that she refund the money since they were not going to give it to me until 180 days later. Surprisingly, she did … to the tune of $127. I honestly didn’t care. It was either $0 or $4273. I feel like I won because the buyer is going to mail me a cashier’s check in the amount of $4,000. I told him that since he was helping me out, I’ll be willing to take an even $4,000. Not only that, he and I made a deal on something else so I will be getting an additional $1,200 for that exchange.

I am hoping my story helps others. As a buyer, you pretty much can do anything you want all day long. As a seller, you are at-risk of getting your account frozen for taking large cash payments or for whatever reason they feel like freezing your account for. I have since signed up with Merchant, Inc. and intend to use them to continue to sell items on eBay or through other portals. Not all buyers are willing to work with you on anything after they got what they wanted, but if you are in a situation similar to mine, reach out to the buyer and see if they can work with you on sending the payment to you in a different manner upon verification of getting their money back.

I am still in fear, though… I fear that they may try to reverse the refund. The last thing I need is the buyer thinking I screwed him over, trying to get double the money. If PayPal does that, I am going to freaking sue for court costs, pain, suffering, and the amount they owe me. I did NOTHING wrong. I was basically just trying to use PayPal as Western Union… never again. I plan to go into the site and change all of my information so they don’t have it… not that they may have redundant back-up data off of their servers…. but regardless, I want to change it to crap and call them and demand that they go ahead and close the account. I could care less about the $600 left in the account. They can have it. I think they freeze certain accounts and keep the accounts open so they can collect on them. They string you along with stories and “180 days” but … I’ve heard they have done this to accounts for 4+ years. They tell you on the phone that your account has been terminated, yet… you can still log into it??????????? Really? Your account is limited… with the only option of adding MORE money to it… I am going to work with any cards/banks tied to that account and get the numbers changed due to possible fraud. Thank you for your time.

Posted: August 13, 2012 at 3:23 pm

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5 thoughts on “I Screwed PayPal Over
  1. kaj on

    Good for you, I wish more people would do things like this to show paypal that they can’t just fu*k with peoples money the way they do. It is our money, what right does paypal have to just hold it and deny us access to our own money. My paypal account was limited because I had higher then average sales. That makes no sense what so ever. I am making more money for paypal and they want to stop me?? I sold more stuff because I needed more money and now I got nothing and have to wait 180 days for my money. Total BS!

  2. Waller on

    You are one of the lucky ones. Usually the buyers aren’t so nice and willing to help the seller out. This company is a huge rip off. They limited my account for no reason at all and I was forced to wait for my money for 180 days. As soon as I got my money I shut down my paypal account

  3. raymond scott on

    i can understand exactly how you feel. they are doing the same thing here in the uk. they said there were suspicious activity on my account. and someone else was using it. well where is there security to stop that. they asked me for a mountain of details. totally unbelevible. then once i had supplied most off that. they suspended my account with no appeal. they were asking for proof of items i bought 20 yrs ago at sales. like yard sales in usa. we call them boot sales here. u dont get reciepts. they have told me they will refund my money over a 5month period. they are a law unto themselfs. when you phone them they are no help. raymond

  4. Randj on

    Hi PayPal cost me $4700 dollars.i am so angry with them I can’t believe that they could be so mean about 20of there rep.all of them has a difference reason why they stop my transaction from going through.i feld like ihas stole something and got caught. Idid the same thing. I return the refund to the buyer.i was trying to start a business account my first time. They really don’t help no resolutions. Hey thank everyone for thieir posts.

  5. Tim on

    If it’s any consolation, they do (or at least, use to) hold their word on the 180-day promise. I’ve had several PP accounts in the past that each had about $50 to $100 in it. This was back when PP was the only service of its kind, so I was forced to keep using them. Sure enough, six months later I received checks in the mail, about a month apart, for the balance left in the account. Playing Devil’s Advocate here, they have to hold the money for a certain period of time, regardless of circumstance, to make sure there are no further disputes on the remaining balance. That’s the official reason anyway, which makes perfect sense.