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Screwed selling concert tickets on EBay

I had 2 expensive concert tickets for sale on EBay and Stubhub. On the Thurs. before the show (Sat.) I get a notice of 1 ticket sold. The funds cleared and were,in my Paypal account. Them”buyer” requested that I send them electronically to her email acct.

This being the first eBay experience, I make a big mistake of offering on eBay to ship electronically. I didn’t know this is akin to giving away these tickets to a,stranger,on the street. Anyway, I also commenced to send this buyer multiple emails offering to send the tics to her hard copy 1 day mail, or meet in person. I never heard any response after multiple emails.

However, since the $950.00 payment for the first ticket was still,in my Paypal account, I figured this was a valid sale. The next day, the same buyer asked for the second ticket as well. I sent more emails, offering my cell phone number, and ways to ship to ship tickets. Again no contact.

I then sent the two tickets to the buyer’s Paypal email, as requested. The second tic was paid for by an e- check. I called Paypal and they said it would take 3 days to process.

OUTCOME: The e-check was canceled AND the first payment was also frozen while Paypal investigated the transaction. I have only a couple of days to,prove shipment for 2 tickets costing me $1660.00. They apparently don’t accept any evidence of e-payments. So I’m on the brink of losing almost 2 grand .

Before shipping these items I checked the eBay reports on this buyer, and eBay reported that the buyer was registered with as a legitmate address with credit card.

What recourse do I have here, if any?

Posted: January 3, 2013 at 7:48 pm

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One thought on “Screwed selling concert tickets on EBay
  1. liz on

    you are not covered by seller protection if you electronically deliver the goods. Scamming buyers know this and therefor request that you email them the tickets instead of mailing them and then they can just claim they never got the tickets (and there is no tracking number to prove otherwise) so they get the tickets and their money back. Paypal will not view emails or any other from of communication with the buyer as evidence. Sorry.