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I tried to sell my old iPhone 5 on eBay

Following the new Apple products announcement I fell in love with iPhone 6 so I tried to sell my old iPhone 5 on eBay, and it was going to be my first ever sale.
I listed the phone and in less than 1 day I have already sold the item, but eBay evil empire frustrated my first sale , they sent me an email telling me that my buyer account was used without the owners permission, and that they erased my listing. That doesn’t sound like a big deal but when I tried to re-list the item eBay told me that I had already surpassed the beginner’s selling limit, but obviously I hadn’t sold anything, ’cause they block the transaction.
And the mess doesn’t stop there, the item still appears as a sold item, but they don’t let me even view the original listing ( it shows like the listing has never existed.) And if you believe that the pain stops here you´re wrong. eBay indeed block the transaction but for some reason the buyer still managed to pay the item and eBay never sent me the email with that information, in fact it was the buyer the one who told me through private message that he had already pay, but surprise when I entered to my Pay Pal account to verify , they said that I had reached a limit or restriction on money that I can send or receive, and for that reason I couldn’t receive a payment that someone made to my account.
Problem is that I can´t ship anything nor I can´t make a refund cause the money is not available in my account, is like the transaction was never made.
Is like Pay Pal is stealing the money, and the worst of all is that I had linked my company to that account and now I can´t receive any money because of the restriction, and if the buyer really was fraudulent why eBay had to mess with my Pay Pal account imposing those irrational limits.

Posted: September 17, 2014 at 6:17 pm

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One thought on “I tried to sell my old iPhone 5 on eBay
  1. Honor on

    Holy crap that is one hell hole of a story.

    Hope everything clears up my friend, latly myself I’ve been seeing alot of eBay ads on the TV. It seems eBay is now going under and is doing anything it can to steal money from people while it still owns Paypal (since they are parting in 2015). I would switch to Amazon and well…you’re going to have to tell the buyer the situation and show him the email (screenshot) so he/she can know that you have no doing in this. Paypal can’t take your personal money to refund them since the money is being held by them. If they do you can do a charge back and sue the hell out of them.

    I’m a small business owner myself and I am so blessed that I started my business back when eBay wasn’t such a shitty site. Nowadays if I make 1 simple mistake, it can cost me everything.