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Seller Fraud

I purchased a “mint condition” phone on Ebay for $300. When I received the phone there was a small crack in the corner of the screen along with a small dent on the same corner of the phone. It was obviously dropped at some point when phone was in use. When I contacted seller he stated that the phone was damaged in shipping and would be my problem. This was impossible as there were absolutely no signs of damage to the inner or outer shipping boxes! After a few days of arguing and a complaint through paypal he agreed to refund when he received the returned phone. I returned the phone to him through U.S. postal service with delivery confirmation. I mistakingly did not get a signature confirmation which paypal says they require on anything over $250. Seller claims he did not receive the return even though post office confirmed it was delivered to his address. Well after about a month of paypal “investigating” they ruled in the seller’s favor determining that delivery could not be confirmed. I am out $300 dollars and a phone. I know the seller knowingly shipped me a damaged phone, didn’t want to take it back, then stole $300 dollars from me with PayPal’s help.
Don’t know what or if there is anything I can do now!

Posted: October 3, 2012 at 1:56 pm

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One thought on “Seller Fraud
  1. Phyllis on

    You could take the seller to small claims court but that is very time consuming. Paypal is not going to help you so don’t waste your time with them. Talk to your bank and file a chargeback is probably your best bet if you want your money back.