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As a seller I am done with paypal, as a buyer you apparently get stuff for free

Sold a r/c car engine(nitro) to a guy, before he even bought it he emailed and asked what all was wrong with engine? Like in the ad I explained to him the problem and for $40 he bought it. I mail it, 2 days after he receives it he open a claim saying engine didn’t work (as both my ad and email explained), in my ad I also stated “DUE TO NATURE OF HOBBIE NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS”. He didn’t go thru ebay buyer protection because he knew he didn’t have a case so he went thru paypal and they gave the guy his refund. I tell them all this and they still give the guy his money back, whats the point the seller gets screwed anyways. F(*^ pay pal!!!!!

Posted: May 14, 2013 at 6:29 pm

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