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Seller Screwed By PayPal

By Dave

PayPal screwed me as a seller!

I’m in the UK and I sold a buyer an electronic item delivered via email for £100. A month later the buyer filed a completely false complaint saying they had not received their item and that they had repeatedly tried to contact me and I had not responded. I sent PayPal a fax showing all my evidence for the transaction, including the buyer acknowledging their receipt of the item and that they knew they were buying an electronic item.

After a month of ‘investigation’ PayPal sent me an email saying they had concluded the buyer was due a full refund and took the money from my account. As I had less than £100 in my PP account at the time, they have frozen it and limited my access. All this without any reason given for the decision, no word on what the buyer claimed they had purchased (PP do not cover electronic items so I can only assume the buyer must have lied and said they should have received something tangible) and no word on why my faxed evidence was just disregarded. PayPal have completely screwed me over as a seller! I sold something legitimately and then had the money forcibly taken back from me without reason.


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:21 am

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5 thoughts on “Seller Screwed By PayPal
  1. Amar on

    I had something similar happen to me, the only thing is i was the buyer and seller sent me an item, which stopped working after 5 days. So i sent the item back and filed the claim. Paypal asked me fro proof of the shipment and i faxed them the copy. Even after sending them the proof, they decided in sellers favor. Said that my tracking id is invalid, even tho it shows the item is in transit. i m out of 400 dollars. How can they do this?

  2. ari on

    It also happened to me. I had a small business with my friend and because i am now in Asia,I asked him to send the money on paypal. He did. And guess what??? Paypal froze my more than 500 dollars and limit my account.They sent me an email and said they will limit my account because they suspect I did a fraud .They asked me to sent my other credit card ,utility bill,ID Card and photograph.Of course I never wanted to give all those documents to them . Nver never give my Personal information to anybody .I am so dissapointed about paypal. they are thieves.Thieves,I tell you.

  3. Mary on

    PayPal in all their infinite wisdom has decided to limit my account with 15.000.00 still in it. After a week of jumping through their repetitive hoops about my identity, dealing with customer reps that I doubted could tie their own shoes, and basically confessing my whole life history to them I still was denied access to my money. I won’t see any of it for 6 months.

    I don’t think I’ll be patient any longer. I started a whitehouse petition here but it won’t go public until it reaches 150 signatures. Hopefully forums like this can get the word out. Check it out, hope you all sign it.

    We should not have to grovel for our own hard money. They need to be regulated.

    • Brian on

      Hi Mary, sorry to hear your story. Your link to the petition doesn’t seem to go to it, has it dropped off the system? Tried searching the wh site for “Paypal” but no result.

  4. Brian on

    Similar story. The buyer disputed the transaction because he says Paypal charged him twice for the funds he sent (equivalent of US$1800) – one on his Amex and once from his account. I sent Paypal proof of sending, proof-of-delivery link in courier website, even the client’s email acknowledging he received the goods. They still reversed the funds from my account. Hard to know what other proof they would want? Clearly the buyer is scamming. I can only assume they take the buyer’s side every time. All us sellers are apparently thieving scum-bags.