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What can a seller do with shady buyers?

I had a buyer decide that the item they purchased was not as described. Which it was. They said it was damaged. Which it wasn’t. It was listed as used with wear. PayPal decided in the buyers favor and they pulled the money out of my bank account. Then I had sold a brand new iphone purchased directly from AT&T and one month later the buyer decides that it’s not as described??? It is brand new and works perfectly. Buyer says the vibrate option doesn’t work. Which it does! Buyer was asked to call apple for assistance to show him how to use it. He refuses. Now there’s a hold on the funds and I’m concerned that they’ll decide in the buyers favor and they will pull the money out again. What do I do? I feel like they don’t listen when you file an appeal.

Posted: January 6, 2014 at 7:46 pm

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One thought on “What can a seller do with shady buyers?
  1. Bob on

    You should’ve said that buy pays for return shipping, it helps keep remorseful buyers from bidding. Plus, you will get that item back to resell, or reoffer it to the next highest bidder. After that, you report the buyer and get them removed from ebay. It doesn’t happen often so don’t get let down by it.