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If you are a seller you are wasting your money to use Paypal

On 10 Apr 14, I sold a Genuine Rolex (checked by dealer) to a buyer for $3900. My ad had several clear pictures and accurate description.
first the buyer said the band was scratched and wanted to return it (but the pictures were very clear), later the buyer said the bezel was aftermarket.
He just wanted the money back. The watch was checked by Rolex and was legitimate (no aftermarket, etc). HOWEVER, without any negotiation, etc, PAYPAL DIRECTED BUYER TO RETURN ITEM AND DEDUCTED THE MONEY FROM
MY ACCOUNT AND CLOSED THE DISPUTE. Even if the bezel was aftermarket (which the buyer could have easily switched) I would have paid to have a Rolex genuine bezel put on for the buyer. Paypal told me SELLERS GET NO PROTECTION!!!!!!! So, if you are a seller, you are wasting your money to use Paypal.

Posted: April 16, 2014 at 4:25 pm

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