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Sellers protection is a lie.

One buyer from China purchased 2 moldavites from me. After shipping the parcel it was returned from China because of insufficient delivery address stated by the buyer on ebay. I offered to buyer full refund but the buyer gave me other address (to USA by the way)and asked me for shipping again. I did it but the parcel got lost by mail service. Both the shippings I can prove with track numbers and posting tickets of course.

Paypal held me money till the case will be resolved.I expected the paypal will finally stop holding my money and the buyer gets full refund from paypal funds not from my account. But paypal took the money (204 dollars) I was paid by the buyer and send it back to the buyer´s account. Now I have no money and no moldavites. The seller´s protection is a lie. I thought ebay and paypal are paid services and from this reason they offer guarantee in the form of financial compensation for buyers as well as for sellers in cases like this when is apparent that it is no fraud.

Posted: January 3, 2014 at 6:56 pm

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