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Sided With A Scammer

By Gage

After selling a batch of items and having happy cusmomers give feed back, things looked cool although some didn’t leave any, even though every one had recieved the goods, i thought nothing of it.

Afterwards since i had no more business but my brother did, i decided to switch my paypal details with my brother since he uses it more then me and sharing with my bank account wasn’t as convienient so we took out all my cash and details including address and bank details which proved to be extremely useful later on.

some weeks later i wanted my brother to buy something for me, but he forgot to put his bank details ect in. when logged on paypal and our email, there was a chargeback, although I checked before that all people who bought recieved their goods. paypal without warning just took money out of my account to give to this buyer who i know recieved his goods. the good thing was i had no money to give them, my bank account was disconnected from paypal and i had no money in my account, so paypal must have payed them through their own money and try to get me to pay later by threatening me. since i had no ties with them other then an email, all they could threaten me with was to “lock my account” if i didn’t pay up, well paypal, you can keep your stupid account, offering me no protection, no notice and siding with a scammer to take my money, lucky i had none to give.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 6:34 am

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One thought on “Sided With A Scammer
  1. Manny Cardwell on

    Sad to say but PayPal has no protection, or consideration on the seller side what so ever. I had a friend who had with the same situation; end up having to pay a big charge back fee, because the buyer claimed they never received the merchandise. I think it was a table set, with antique silver wear she sold online. She had prove that they indeed received it and still made her pay for this fraud buyer lies! She is now handling this case with the attorney general.