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Simple case of buyers remorse and I, the seller, gets punished

Sold a hard drive on eBay. Buyer solicited positive feedback saying he had left positive for me which he had. Subsequently said drive was faulty despite my attempting to get him to initialize the drive under windows. Raised complaint saying item faulty and not as described. Ebay decreed item to be returned for full refund including postage costs. Item returned and found not to be faulty – buyer just decided he did not want it. eBay has refused to refund any of their or Paypal’s fees saying sale was completed. Despite complaining they have done nothing and condone the lies of the buyer. It has become very disheartening to be an eBay seller. You are basically stripped of any rights and protection for fraud and I am feeling more and more like paypal and ebay don’t give a rat’s ass as long as they collect their fees. This was such a simple case of buyers remorse and I, the seller, gets punished. Too bad the buyer changed his mind. That is out of my control and I should not be paying for it.

Posted: October 10, 2012 at 3:00 pm

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One thought on “Simple case of buyers remorse and I, the seller, gets punished
  1. seth on

    I have a no return/no refund policy because of what I sell I have to custom make. This seems to matter little to ebay/paypal as they have refunded 3 customers on 3 separate occasions after they filed disputes. Each time I tried working with the buyers but got no response from them which is a clear indication that they were setting out to defraud me from the start. And each time ebay/paypal refunded the money to the buyers leaving me without the product and my money.