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Sixty Day Claim Limit

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

In late November/04 I ordered a sales pack/kit from an MLM company usingmy Paypal debit MasterCard. After several failed attempts to contact the company by email and by phone, I got started the charge dispute process with Paypal the first week of January/05. My printer was broken, and I had no other computer access other than the public library. I ws unable to print out the required affidavit. I emailed Paypal and told them my problem and asked them if it was okay to send them a hand-written copy and they said they would snail mail an affidavit.

Three weeks passed and no form arrived in the mail. At this point we are closing in on the 60 day limit for submitting a claim. I emailed Paypal and they said that the envelope was returned as undeliverable and asked if my address on file was accurate. Of course it was because how could I have received my Paypal debit card otherwise?

The address they supplied in their email was missing the apartment number. So I replied and told them what it was and to go take a look in my profile. How could they have sent it out without the apartment number? They said they would send it again.

I waited another two weeks and emailed them again. Their reply? It was returned undeliverable. I was beginnig to see their plan!

Soooo, I asked them again if submitting a hand written affadavit with my supporting documents would be alright. They said yes. I sent the the forms around April 2/05. On April 21 I get and email saying that I had started a dispute process and that I was given instructions on how to print off the affadivit form and that they had not received it, and that I had 24 hours to post it! I didn’t get to their email until April 24/05. I sent them an email telling them that I had already sent it!

Last night I emailed them telling that if they were just going to close the file on this after all the delays, which seemed rather fishy, that I would use Stormpay and Yahoo auctions, and that there are plenty of other debit cards out there.

After reading through the stories at the site, I am not going to hold my breath with PayPal. $35.00 may not be a lot of money to some people but it is money that Paypal won’t have to reimburse me for, and I can see that I am not alone.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:07 am

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