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Sold my GI Joes and got funds on hold

I was selling on eBay for about a month with 100% positive feedback. Selling off my personal collection of vintage GI Joes. One guy bought six of my Joes over a month ago. This week he files a complaint with eBay saying that the “item didn’t match the description”. What it was I had used an old photo from a similar item which was missing two tiny decal sheets and a holster and gun. These things are a tiny fraction of the figure’s value. The guy paid me $1200 over a month ago. So eBay immediate has Paypal put a hold on those funds, throwing my account into the negative by $1196. Without the use of Paypal, I had to take down all my other auctions, on which I had bids of over $200. So I’ve lost $1400 and i’m shut down.

I went thru their bullshit dispute resolution, I’ve mailed the tiny accessories to the buyer, and begged him to settle the case, but he write back apologizing, but still hasn’t told eBay that I’ve settled it. The last msg from him he said he was working out of town and was busy. Meanwhile I’m suffering. I tried to contact Paypal, but got back two emails from two gals saying that they cannot help me. This is completely UNFAIR. So I’ve taken down all my listings until this is resolved. eBay is subject to no laws, no rules except their own, same with Paypal. Paypal is operating as an international BANK, yet apparently not subject to any banking regulations. WHY doesn’t the federal government do something about this? eBay is so large now. It’s a good thing. Real people need an online auction to go and make a few extra bucks. But the system needs to be fair. and its not. I hate eBay and Paypal

Posted: March 11, 2014 at 5:01 pm

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