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Sold Tablet and buyer cheated me.

As a European private person, I sold a 450$ Samsung tablet via Ebay to the U.S. in mint condition. Buyer choose cheap slow shipping, and as soon as 4 days after shipping he changed his mind. He didn’t tell me that straightly but brought up as many lies as he could after he received the tablet in order to get his money back. He claimed the tablet’s box was damaged but he was not willing to support his claim with a proof (with a photo or a postal protocol). Despite of his unfounded and unproven claim, Ebay ordered him to send me back the tablet. The ‘buyer’ sent me back a ruined (nonfunctional) tablet and stole the charging/data cable and tore apart the box. Despite of my appeal, Ebay granted him a full refund from my PayPal account. Ebay says they did not make a mistake in their decision and I have to wear this loss, because this is ‘normal’. I do not think this is normal at all.

Posted: December 31, 2013 at 3:45 pm

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