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Sold the TAG HEUER MENS Watch and buyer claim it was fake

I sold the TAG HEUER MENS Watch and after buyer claim it was fake
PAYPAL so call experts refund the money without any question from me
Watch was genuine, I bought back 1998 for $2500 !!!
How could anyone at PAYPAL only look after the buyer and totally ignore the seller…
I have been selling and buying on ebay since 2008 I have over 700 all positive feedbacks How could PAYPAL allow as reputable company such a scam to go through
Now when I start reading about the PAYPAL scams I can see how comment and easy it is for the buyer/ scammer to get away with it
Is the reputation of the seller worthless , Shouldn’t the watch be at lease be return to the seller !!!
NO watch and NO money… Screw you Too PALPAY I certainly will not sell anything of value through PAYPAL SHAME PAYPAL SHAME

Posted: August 21, 2013 at 4:41 pm

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One thought on “Sold the TAG HEUER MENS Watch and buyer claim it was fake
  1. Sadam C. Basilon on

    “This watch is truly made by an genuine designer.”