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Something Is Very Wrong

By Jay

5 days ago i recieved payment from a item i sold on ebay which was £110 and the next day when i went to check on the money the account had been frozen by paypal i could not touch it so i emailed them and they said that if i did not give them my creditcard details they would keep the account way am i going to give them my creditcard details.i have 2 creditcards and when i used my visa with them in the past they stole £50 from it and kept taking £10 and £20 there.

I had a website a anti paypal one which had some daming things against paypal and within 7 days they had the website taken down and my host was fined $200 and my site was removed.

At the moment my parents paypal account is frozen with £50 in it and they say if we dont set up a direct debit with them they will keep the account frozen.

iv tried calling them on the phone emailing them and they dont want to know.

i belive there is something seriously wrong with paypal.

think about it they have a swiss bank and the feds could never touch that bank or look in to it as its swiss.i belive that they have something to hide and thats why they use a swiss bank.The stupid thing is no one has the guts to stand up to them. They also own ebay right and its funny how they overcharge on listing fees and then a few months down the line they admit this and say they will take it off of your next invoice.wonder how many people they do this too.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:42 am

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