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“Sorry we can’t process your payment” but PayPal did, all 3 attempts I made


i got that message “Sorry we can’t process your payment” its a brand new card so after trying 2x with firefox and then going to ie for it to fail I decided to not log in to my paypal account and manually put my credit card and address details in and it worked. Hooray!! I should be happy and jumping for joy now. Right?!! Wrong Paypal charged me for all the attempts. How is that fair?!!
28 Apr ’14 7555 #702xxx PAYPAL 402xxx0000 SG $1.23
28 Apr ’14 7555 #571xxx PAYPAL 402xxx0000 SG $1.23
28 Apr ’14 7555 #822xxxPAYPAL 402xxx0000 SG $1.23

and a extra $1.23 for the payment that finally went through

This isn’t the only time that has happened i am feeling really cheated :((

I have seen heaps of “sorry we can’t process your payment threads but i also wanted to warn other people that each time they try to make a transaction they will be charged. Paypal must be making a killing with these uncompleted transactions and i just want this to get out there.

Posted: April 28, 2014 at 6:04 pm

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